One Kitchen + One Child = One World Discovered

"Our world is a large quilt and it's people are the fabric--colorful swatches of beautifully woven material--all joined together by these common threads: family and food." Chef Art Smith, Common Threads Co-Founder

The mission of Common Threads is to educate children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, and to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity through cooking.

Common Threads is a non-profit organization founded by Art Smith, Oprah's long-time personal chef, in 2003. In hands-on after-school cooking programs, children ages eight to 12 across Chicago learn basic kitchen skills, cooking techniques, and the importance of fresh ingredients as they prepare healthy ethnic cuisine. Common Threads' summer camp also teaches organic gardening and traditional forms of movement, like yoga, tai chi and African dance. The children who participate in Common Threads' programs learn how to connect with their bodies, their neighbors and their world in bite-sized lessons. In support of Common Threads and their mission, à la card chicago has pledged a portion of each deck sold in 2013. For more information or to make an additional contribution, please visit their website.