GET CARDED "The risks of gambling often outweigh the rewards, but when it comes to trying a new restaurant, your taste buds may thank you for taking a chance... ...Never has the phrase 'pick a card, any card' sounded so delicious."
"Sounds like a gift that keeps on giving for everyone involved."
"Produces a snappy deck of 52 cards, each one good for a $10 discount at a Restaurant You Already Love (Lula Cafe, Naha, Hot Doug's). Decks cost $30, $1 of which goes towards Common Threads."
GIFT FOR THE GOURMAND "That's $520 worth of eating for $30. It's a formidable deck for even the most dedicated restaurant-goer to get through, but it would be great to have on hand just to pass out the individual cards to friends and minions."
"A Last-Minute Gift Item for the Serial Diner. Here's something to consider for that person in your life who lives to dine out but is a pain in the ass to shop for. a la card chicago is an update on the cliched and tacky coupon book."
Thrillist's Guy's Gift Guide: "This deck includes $10 discount cards for 52 respectable-to-great Chi restos, from the Top Chef'd Between, to the French-Mexican fusion Mexique, to Smoque, a fusion between barbecue, and -que."
"The 2009 deck features 52 restaurants, including timeless faves like Hot Doug's and Lula Cafe, as well as relative newcomers such as Big Jones and Mado. From casual (Jerry's Sandwiches) to fancy (David Burke's Primehouse), there are cards for every occasion, meaning that this gift really does keep giving."
"It seems like a fun excuse to try out restaurants that we've been meaning to go to forever and never have."