The ultimate Chicago dining guide + savings... We've created a consortium of 52 Chicago restaurants—and not just any restaurants, but the best in the city. The restaurants span 25 different neighborhoods, various cuisines and price points, but they have a couple things in common—killer food and great passion that oozes from the chef–owners of these non-corporate gems.

Supporting the ingenuity and good ol' heart & soul of independent business!

Our vehicle to promote these restaurants is a deck of cards—just like playing cards—each card contains a detailed description of the restaurant and is also a $10 savings at that restaurant. The decks retail for $30, making it almost ridiculous to not own one—who doesn't eat out at least three times a year...

In 2018, we added a Cheap Eats Deck. Whereas the Restaurant Deck restaurants are all cheffy table-service spots, the Cheap Eats Deck spots are all fast-casual & counter-service, and instead of a $10 savings, each Cheap Eats card is a $5 savings for up to 50% off your bill—only a low $10 minimum purchase is required.